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General bonus terms and conditions


Valid from: 01/09/2021


  1. Bonuses are amounts of money that may be credited to a player’s account as part of a promotion. The rules governing certain bonuses are outlined when they are awarded or, in the context of certain games, on the website. Bonuses can be used as wagers for the specified games. Where the bonus credit is tied to real money deposits, any wager you place will automatically be paid from the real money in your account before the bonus credit is used.             
  2. Bonus money and winnings from wagers with bonus money can only be paid out (converted into real money) once the playthrough terms and conditions have been met. To convert bonus money into real money, the bonus balance must be played through the casino a total of 35 times (detailed description in (7), (8) and (9)).            
  3.  A bonus offer is valid for 30 days unless specified otherwise in the specific bonus offer. The playthrough terms and conditions must be met in this timeframe to convert the bonus and any bonus winnings into real money. If the 30 days elapse without the playthrough terms and conditions being met, the bonus amount and any bonus money won with the amount will be forfeited.            
  4. If there is bonus money in the account, a payout cannot be requested. For a payout to be made, the respective bonus terms and conditions must be met first and the bonus money converted into real money or the bonus cancelled via account management. By cancelling the bonus offer, all bonus money and any bonus winnings from it expire.        
  5. Free spins allocated through bonus programmes are not subject to any playthrough conditions. All winnings from free spins awarded through a bonus programme count as real money winnings and are credited to the player’s real money account after all free spins awarded through the bonus programme have been used. Depending on the programme, these free spins may be linked to certain games, groups of games or providers, and can only be used for the games specified in the programme.        
  6. Each deposit bonus offer can only be activated with the required minimum deposit specified in the offer. Where no minimum deposit is specified, a default of CHF 20 applies to each bonus offer.            
  7. Where bonus offers are linked to a deposit (deposit bonus), a real money limit applies. If you have an active deposit bonus, all winnings in excess of the real money limit are automatically converted into bonuses.         

    • If you use a deposit bonus while it is active, any wagers you make will be paid using the available real money in your account. Only once the real money in your account is CHF 0 will bonus money be used for further wagers (please see Exceptions).
    • All winnings earned with real money wagers count as real money winnings until they reach double the bonus-relevant deposit (real money limit).
    • Winnings from wagers paid with bonus money count as bonus winnings.
    • With an active deposit bonus, all winnings in excess of the real money limit (double the bonus-relevant deposit) count as bonus money and will only be converted into real money if the playthrough terms and conditions are met.            

      Example 1: 50% deposit bonus up to CHF 100:            
      A deposit of CHF 100 produces a CHF 50 bonus. The bonus-relevant deposit in this case is the CHF 100 of real money. This means that up to a total of CHF 200 (CHF 100 real money deposit x 2), all winnings count as real money. Additional winnings that would take the account balance above CHF 200 are classified as bonus money            

      Example 2: 100% deposit bonus up to CHF 100:            
      A deposit of CHF 150 produces a bonus of CHF 100 (maximum possible amount with this offer). In this situation, only the bonus-relevant CHF 100 of the deposit counts, producing a real money limit of CHF 200 (CHF 100 deposits x 2).            

      The rules governing the real money limit only apply to bonus offers that are tied to a deposit. They do not apply to bonus offers where no deposit is required (for example verification bonus, free credit, tournament winnings). In these cases, the bonus credit is used first for all wagers and any resultant winnings count as bonus credit until either the wagering terms conditions are met or the bonus has been cancelled.            
  8. Each individual win is credited to your bonus account when you play with bonus credit. Winnings earned with real money are credited to your real money account up to the applicable real money limit. Winnings earned with a combination of real money and bonus money are credited proportionately.            

    Example: Wager of CHF 10 (CHF 1 real money & CHF 9 bonus credit). Winnings: CHF 10,000 CHF 1,000 is credited to the real money account and CHF 9,000 is added to the bonus credit.          
  9. Bonuses can be converted into real money if the relevant playthrough terms and conditions (bonus wagering conditions) are met. The playthrough terms and conditions outline how much money needs to be wagered in order to convert the bonus money into real money. Players can see the current playthrough status of each bonus in their account. The playthrough requirement for converting bonus credit into real money is: bonus amount awarded x 35.            

    This means, for example, that bonus credit of CHF 5 is converted into real money and can be cashed in once wagers on slot games reach CHF 175 (CHF 5 x 35). The wager total is not affected by whether the player wins or loses the game.             
  10. Depending on the game, the wager counts differently towards meeting the bonus terms and conditions (35 x bonus amount). Further details are outlined in the ‘Game weighting’ section.            

    All slots (except jackpot games)            
    Weighting: 100%            
    Playthrough amount required to redeem bonus:            
    CHF 10 bonus x 35 = CHF 350            

    Table games and live casino games (blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat)            
    Weighting: 10 %            
    Playthrough amount required to redeem bonus:            
    CHF 10 bonus x 35 x 10 = CHF 3‘500            

    Jackpot games (internal + progressive jackpots)            
    Weighting: 0 %            
    Playthrough amount required to redeem bonus:            
    Excluded from the bonus programme            
  11. All types of jackpot games (internal and progressive jackpots) are excluded from bonus programmes. This means that bonus money cannot be used in jackpot games and wagers on jackpot games do not count towards meeting the playthrough terms and conditions.            
  12. Players may choose to cash in the real money in their account at any time. First, however, bonuses that have not yet met the playthrough terms and conditions must be cancelled.            
  13. If you already have another active bonus, please note that the bonus from this promotion will be indicated as ‘pending’ until you have converted your active bonus, it has expired, you have wagered the entire remaining bonus credit or you have asked for the bonus to be deleted.             
  14. Airport Casino Basel AG (ACB) reserves the right to withhold or delete bonus credit if it is not used within six months of the date of the offer.            
  15. If there is any discrepancy between the name associated with your player account and the name associated with your method of payment (e.g. credit card holder), ACB shall duly investigate in accordance with ACB’s T&Cs. Any failure to comply with ACB’s T&Cs may result in its refusal to allow a player to participate in, or benefit from, a promotion.         
  16. All free spins and bonus offers from GOLDEN GRAND are voluntary promotions for our players and are not designed to maximize strategic winnings. Airport Casino AG therefore reserves the right to exclude certain players permanently or temporarily from the bonus programme or to limit their participation at its own discretion. There is no fundamental right to receive or use a bonus offer.        
  17. Accounts that clearly use the free bonus offers for strategic profit maximization without using the regular casino offer will be excluded from using further free bonus offers and free spins. The assessment of what is appropriate is at the sole discretion of the casino.        

    An example: An account that has previously claimed a higher value of free spins or bonus offers (excluding tournament winnings, deposit bonuses and verification bonuses) without making a deposit or regular wagers will be temporarily excluded from activating further free bonus programmes (for example, by entering a code), even if this offer is available to all players according to the website. This also applies to exceptionally disproportionate odds between the accepted free programmes and regular bets and deposits.        
  18. Any attempt to manipulate or abuse bonuses will not be tolerated. This may result in the player's account being blocked, bonus funds being reclaimed, winnings from bonus funds being voided, or even the player being excluded from the goldengrand.ch platform.  
    This includes, but is not limited to: 
    Marginal or low risk betting strategies, for example in roulette (red + black at the same time, even/odd bets, hedging all numbers, etc.) 

    Using special gaming strategies on the slots, for example to unlock scatter winnings or bonus functions with bonus money and activating them only after the bonus offer has been fulfilled or cancelled so that the winnings are paid out in real money. 

    Increasing the balance and then strategically changing gaming behaviour (stake, game type, betting structure, etc.) to meet the bonus wagering requirements. For example, betting the entire deposit + bonus on one or more numbers in roulette and then fulfilling the bonus conditions for slot games if you win.    
  19. All customer offers are limited to one per person. If there is a legitimate reason to believe that a bonus or an offer has been used more than once by the same person or for the benefit of the same person or by a group of people, certain offers or all offers may be withheld from this customer or group of customers and/or any wagers made with the bonus may be cancelled and all winnings from such wagers deleted.  
  20. ACB reserves the right to revoke any bonus offers and/or cancel any winnings arising from such offers where they have been credited in error or where any pattern of suspicious use is identified 
  21. The final decision on and definition of manipulative behaviour are the sole responsibility of ACB.            
  22. ACB reserves the right to modify this promotion at any given time and at sporadic intervals or to suspend it on a temporary or permanent basis for reasons beyond the control of the platform. In this event, players will be notified as quickly as possible.            
  23. If there are differences between the different language versions for the bonus terms and conditions, the German version shall be binding. These bonus terms and conditions may be amended if the bonus programme undergoes further development or if there are changes to legal requirements. ACB reserves the right to amend these bonus terms and conditions at any time, in compliance with current legal requirements.            
  24. The general terms and conditions apply.



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