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Blackjack rules simply explained -

how to play it the right way


P. Schneider - Manager Table games


How about an online Blackjack game? Have you always wanted to play blackjack but didn't know how to play? We've got you covered. Here is our GOLDEN GRAND casino Blackjack rules guide. 


The Basic Strategy of this card game

Each player is only playing against the bank, i.e. the dealer or croupier.    
The player wins if the value of their cards is higher than the bank’s or if the bank goes bust and the player is still in the game.


What is the value of the cards?

Cards from 2 to 10 carry the same value as the card number, i.e. a 2 is worth 2 ‘points’, a 5 is worth 5, etc. The Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each.  An ace is worth 1 point or 11 points.


Blackjack in the Online Casino

Of course, our live casino also has a wide range of blackjack versions on offer. Just take a look round and enjoy a few rounds of live blackjack or online blackjack at our automated tables.


How to play blackjack?

Blackjack is played on a semicircular table, usually with seven boxes, where the players place their bets. After that, one card is placed face up on each of the boxes that the player has bet on. After the last box, the dealer also receives a face-up card. A second face-up card is then drawn for each of the boxes.

The value of these two cards is added together and the player decides whether they want to draw one or several more cards. If the value of all the cards in the box exceeds 21 points, this box loses and the cards and the bet are removed. When the last player before the dealer has decided, the dealer receives their cards. The dealer does not have any freedom of choice here: if they have 16 points or fewer, they must keep drawing cards, and if they have 17 points or more, they must stand.


A classic blackjack table


How to make a split?

If the first two cards on the box have the same value, they can be split. The player places the same bet again and then plays two separate hands on one box. If two aces are split, the player only receives one card and cannot get blackjack. 


A split is when you get two of the same card (a pair), then you can make two new hands.


When can you announce a double down?

After the first two cards, the player can double their bet. The player then receives exactly one card.


How do the payouts work during the blackjack game?

  • If the player wins without getting blackjack, the payout ratio is 1:1.
  • If the card values are equal, the player’s bet remains in place (push). 
  • If the player gets blackjack (i.e. if the first two cards on the box are an ace and a card worth 10 points), they receive a payout ratio of 3:2 if the bank does not get blackjack. Blackjack counts for more than 21 points.

Example of a Blackjack combination (21)


What are the probabilities of winning in blackjack?

Here are the probabilities for the benefit of the player and the casino after the dealer's draw:


Displayed card from the croupierBust (overrun) probability from the croupierPlayer advantage
10, Joker, King, Queen21,43%16,90%


You have to know these blackjack terms!   


When the player's hand exceeds 21 points, he is said to bust. Unfortunately, he not only loses the game, but also his entire bet.



In Blackjack, the player can double his bet by getting an extra card. Doubling up, by the way, is recommended by professionals, especially if the player has a hand with 10 or 11 points.



Sometimes the player can split his hand in half, then it is called a split. Splitting allows the player to play two different hands at the same time.



If the dealer has an ace in his hand, the player can protect his back and take out insurance. There is a cost for this option, but if the dealer actually makes a blackjack, the player only loses half of their bet instead of all of it if they did not opt for insurance. 


Expert Tips and Tricks:

The player should draw their cards based on the dealer’s face-up card. If the dealer has a card between 2 and 6, it can be split and doubled and the player should not take the risk of going bust. If the card has a value of between 7 and ace, the player should aim to draw similar cards to the bank.



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